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Behind the Scenes

You've put your trust in us. You've relied on us to keep you healthy. You've become apart of the Gobble Mountain Family, one that has no distance limits or discriminations. Welcome and thank you.

I want to take a couple of minutes to really highlight who we are, who I am, why we do this, and why you mean so much to us.

It began over 10 years ago when I was about 13 or 14. My mom, one to always step outside the box and try holistic over pharmaceutical, decided she was going to follow in her peers footsteps and start cooking this weird concoction of berries and honey and spices. I would sit at the island bar in the kitchen and watch her cook this, thinking, "What in the world? First it was pine needle tea, now this?" Hours later after boiling and stirring and adding and tasting and tweaking, it was ready. As odd as I thought my mom and this whole ordeal was I couldn't deny that I was intrigued and amazed by the sweet and heavenly smell that filled the entire house, even pouring out into the yard. "Elderberry Syrup," she said. Yeah okay, what is it this time..

After it had cooled for awhile in the fridge, she'd take out the mason jar and have me try it. Did I want to admit it was delicious? No... Did I go back for a second teaspoon? Yes... 

Over the years I found myself reaching for that mason jar long before my mom would even know I was starting to feel sick. Sore throat? Elderberry! Friends at school sick? Sneaking to get the syrup! Achy and cold? A teaspoon and it's gone! I started to realize every child's biggest fear- my parents were right! 

Fast forward to a few years ago. I was so hooked that I was giving friends the syrup when they would feel sick. I had people asking me for more, because they too felt the benefits. Did my mom smile and know she was onto something every time we went reaching for that bottle? Probably.

Fast forward again, to the beginning of 2020. I know- it's painful, it feels like forever ago, but you can do it. Way back to the beginning before things got weird, when life was still normal. 

My dad, the steam-rolling idea maker that he is, realized we had something going that was too yummy, too beneficial, just too darn good not to share. And that was that. Over one of our hundreds of morning coffee sessions, my family took a jar in the fridge and made it into what you see today. This idea after that idea and here we are.

It hasn't always been easy. Starting a business, with your F A M I L Y, right before a P A N D E M I C will really trust one's patience, understanding, will to be flexible, and basically every aspect of what you know. 

I was recently interviewed by the most incredible group of women who own a local business, Virago, and one of the questions that they asked me was, "What has been the most exciting part?" Well, this was my answer. 

The most exciting part, by far, has been watching the way my family has worked around the obstacles thrown at us and dealt with all the growing pains of starting a business together and as a unit. It definitely was not easy as first, but as we grow as a business we grow as a family. Watching all of our ideas come to life when they usually start around the dinner table is incredible. It is 100% a team effort. We all work together in our kitchen cooking to in our office labeling. 

It truly has been something that has been an honor to be apart of. Helping people like you, yes YOU! Growing with my mom and dad in dynamics I never thought we'd face. Learning more about these incredible berries and roots has been so great. I have really found my passion. 

So thank you for making this possible. For trusting us with your money and health. Thank you for your reviews, likes, emails, comments. As a small and growing business nothing goes unnoticed. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and as always, Stay Healthy.

Nicole Yakaitis, CEO Gobble Mountain Elderberry

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