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Employee Highlight

Meet Michael. Michael is the Head of Customer Relations. 

“From our very first sale, the people contributing to the growth of this business have been nothing short of incredible. Gobble Mountain Elderberry revealed itself to the world during a time of complete chaos, people have been locked down and genuinely scared. So to see our product and our community of customers as a positive outlet is truly empowering as a small family business. From the very first spoonful I tried, I knew the potential of this syrup could reach refrigerators around the world. And in such a short time period, that’s exactly what we’ve done. The constant positive outreach from people about their elderberry experience, both near and far, is what makes this company truly something prosperous.”

If you’ve reached out to us with questions, concerns, or anything to do with your order, chances are you’ve dealt with Michael. He looks forward to every customer interaction to further his business background. Michael works closely with us here at Gobble Mountain Elderberry and also balances his time as full-time first responder. He frequents the New England beaches to surf. Michael takes his elderberry syrup straight-up by the spoonful every night before bed…sometimes two!

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  • Hi Michael,
    Can you answer a question for me as I am all set to place an order. What is the shelf life of the Elderberry Syrup, opened and unopened. I do not see this on the web site anywhere and I’m sure people would like to know.

    Thanks in advance,


    Ray Michalak

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