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Managing Stress During a Pandemic

Hey everyone!

Yes, I too, am tiring of hearing of this virus. But it is here for the long haul so let's talk about some ways to deal with the stresses that are associated with this virus. We had the pleasure of working with Amy Collett, from on this topic. Take a look at what she has to say. 



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Stress in a Pandemic: Best Practices to Help Restore, Rejuvenate

Just about everyone has had their lives turned upside down over the last year, and your adjustment period may be still a work in progress. For those of us working from home and attending meetings with kids in the next room or while sharing office space with a partner, the new normal doesn’t feel like any kind of normal. It's a chaos that depletes you completely.

Being pulled in so many directions at once while trying to keep yourself aligned mentally doesn’t have to be an impossible task. It just takes some practice, and it takes permitting yourself. When you’ve just sat through one of the worst Zoom work meetings ever, here are a few tricks to help get your mind back in a good place. 

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Take a Real Break

A real break means eating lunch away from your desk or going into your room and closing the door so you can have 20 minutes to yourself with no distractions. This might sound easy, but for anyone who regularly plays the role of taskmaster, you might have to force yourself to do this. 

To make that break feel more worthwhile you could:

Take Time to Refuel

A busy workday doesn’t always lend itself to preparing a real meal for lunch, and you might find yourself overdoing it on the caffeine. Knowing this is a possibility means planning ahead.

To stay on point, you could:

Take Time to Be Frivolous

While this isn’t the time to be throwing caution to the wind with your bank account, treating yourself to little luxuries here and there (within reason, of course) can be fairly therapeutic.

This could involve:

Find Ways to Manage Your Stress

To set the stage for handling the additional stressors in your life, it’s important to implement strategies while you’re away from work.

This could look like:

Managing stress in this new normal means trying different approaches and allowing yourself time to restore and renew. With no certainty to when the previous normal will return, having a game plan for tending to your well-being will smooth out some of the bumps in the road. 

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