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Meet the Woman Behind the Magic...

Hi! My name is Linda. I am an owner and the head cook at Gobble Mountain Elderberry Co.

Years ago, I took a five year class that touched upon many subjects; from energy healing to plant medicine. In my first year we learned about the health benefits of elderberries and made a simple syrup recipe. I brought a bottle home and introduced this magical healing elixir to my family. Sceptical at first, they tried it and liked it. They also started to notice that it actually worked! Keeping them healthy during the flu and cold season.

Occasionally we would run out of syrup and I would try store bought brands. None tasted as good as my homemade.

Fast forward to February 2020 and the onset of a new strain of flu. Tim approached me with an idea- we should start selling my elderberry syrup. Since it has helped our family to stay healthy for years he felt that we needed to share this with the world. That it can benefit so many people, especially during these times.

I fully agreed, and after researching the many incredible healing plants that our beautiful Mother Earth provides us, I came up with an extremely beneficial and delicious tasting syrup. If you compare our syrup with others you will find we have more healing ingredients than others on the market. And the taste is amazing! Perfectly sweetened with local Connecticut honey; our beekeeper even keeps several hives on our property.

I truly believe Nature provides us with all that we need to live sustainable healthy lives and each ingredient in our syrup is a gift from her.

When I’m not cooking in the kitchen or working on Gobble Mountain Elderberry Syrup projects, you’ll find me out in nature. Enjoying the tranquility and magic of the forest or the beauty and power of the ocean. Sailing in the summer months of New England, or sitting by a warm fire,reading a good book, and spoiling our two cats and yellow lab in the winter (actually the animals are spoiled all year round)!

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